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Electricity Pulled Out of Thin Air
August 31st, 2010

Powering homes with electricity collected from the air may be possible after scientists report solving a centuries old riddle about how moisture in the atmosphere becomes electrically charged.

Modifying Humans for Deep Space Travel
August 31st, 2010

Air and space travel would be revolutionized by psychotronics. John White maintains that UFO propulsion is “probably psychotronic in nature.” But what does this mean and what are the implications for human beings?

New Hopes Arise in Magnetic Fields
August 31st, 2010

A pioneering treatment using magnetic fields to stimulate brain activity has helped people with depression live medication-free.

Genetically Engineered Frog-Insect Nose Can Control Robots
August 31st, 2010

Scientists have fashioned a biotech “nose” by genetically engineering frog cells to behave like insect nose cells. And then they turned the hybrid cells into a control device for a robot.

Extreme Weather a Function of Cosmic Dielectrics?
August 27th, 2010

Paul Noel asserts that severe storms “are an electromagnetic effects of the plasma fields surrounding the solar system. These are what make sun spots as well. The driver is electrical.”

Luminous Owls
August 27th, 2010

There are many eyewitness accounts of unexplained lights behaving like hunting Barn Owls, and some of those lights were seen ultimately to be luminescent Barn Owls.

Does the Past Exist Yet?
August 23rd, 2010

In 2002, scientists carried out an amazing experiment, which showed that particles of light “photons” knew — in advance −- what their distant twins would do in the future.

The Importance of Intentions in Healing
August 11th, 2010

A new study has shown that remote healing alters the brain wave patters of the recipient.

Quackbusters Busted, Finally
August 11th, 2010

A Medical thug going by the name of Quackbusters has been successfully sued for trying to destroy legitimate health care lab.

A Solar Salamander
August 11th, 2010

A researcher noticed that their bright green colour comes from within the embryos themselves, as well as from the jelly capsule that encases them.

Beyond the Touchscreen: Projecting the Future
August 11th, 2010

Imagine a cookie that changes flavour on the spot, or a furry computer display that you stroke when you miss your cat.

Scientists Make Link Between Brain Acid and Cognition
August 10th, 2010

Almost anyone who has faced a test or a deadline probably wished there was a smart pill to pop. New research suggests that this may eventually be possible.

A Universe Could Exist ‘Inside Every Black Hole’
August 5th, 2010

A hidden universe could exist inside every black hole, a Polish cosmologist has claimed.

Engineered Herpes Virus Used To Treat Cancer
August 5th, 2010

Doctors say they have used a genetically engineered herpes virus to treat successfully patients with head and neck cancer.

Scientists Succeed in Teleporting Atom by Quantum Entanglement
August 3rd, 2010

Sci-fi romance flick sounding as it seems but “Quantum entanglement” is actually a phenomenon that physicists say may someday lead to the ability to teleport an object all the way across the galaxy instantly.