Media Blackout on Bizarre Superstorms?

Unprecedented weather events are hitting the Northern hemisphere and most mass media is simply ignoring it.

Over 110,000 lightning bolts recently hit the UK during a severe storm. Scotland was under attack by severe weather and is currently cut off from the rest of the UK by rail. Saskatchewan had mysterious power outages throughout the Canadian province. Some areas were without power for most of last week. The Northeastern US has over 3 million people without power, during an intense heat wave.

These weather events are highly unusual yet mass media is mostly ignoring them and the fact that weather around the world has become increasingly more severe and strange in recent years. In Canada, weather is a taboo subject for the oil-backed federal government that is determined to convince citizens that climate change does not exist and is just an environmentalist conspiracy.

One does not have to be a climatologist to realize that something is very wrong with our planet.

Human activity has radically altered the Earth's atmosphere and climate. The ocean plankton that produces most of the oxygen are vanishing as we kill the Oceans. At the same time the Earth is entering a more energized region of space, the poles are shifting and solar activity has greatly increased as it reaches the peak of its 11 year cycle.

Earth and all life on it is in peril and yet, we do nothing. We allow criminal corporations and their puppet politicians and our own short-sighted self-interest to destroy our planet while we distract ourselves with gadgets and mindless amusements.

What will you do when human civilization collapses?

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