The Killer in Your Food

What we thought was a palatable and harmless condiment for many cuisines, especially Asian ones, is in fact also a killer. Commercial soy sauce contains a chemical that can cause cancer.

Almost a requirement in many kitchens, soy sauce, has been used by Asians, the Chinese especially, for 2,500 years. Made from soybeans, grains, salt, and water, this mixture has been known to enhance the flavor of many cuisines.

Traditional soy sauce is made from a fermenting process in which yeast is used, and fermented under the sun in a giant urn. Today, producers ferment their soy sauce with machines.

And driven to gain higher profit, these manufacturers stopped using soybean, but use hydrolyzed soy protein instead. When done this way, it does not result to a naturally dark color. Therefore, caramel colors need to be added to make the consumer believe that they are in fact eating "real" soy sauce.

Commercially produced soy sauces contain chloropropanols 3-MCDP . This chemical is a carcinogen.

In addition to cancer causing additive, soy sauce contains almost 50% of your daily allowance of sodium. Though many people don't eat this product in abundance, overeating anything that contains this amount of salt is hazardous to your health. It can contribute to many conditions such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

Other than the salt and chloropropanols 3-MCDP, soy sauce really has no nutritional value. It is nothing more than an item that provides flavor and little else. Even though this item is derived from soy, it does not contain any of the isoflavones that are in such items as tofu.

Real, Chinese soy sauce however, contains a high amount of antioxidants, which in turn can prevent conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and is high in lactic acid bacteria which has anti-allergic potential.

The ingestion of soy sauce does not need to be avoided by everyone, just those on a low sodium diet and those with soy or wheat allergies, gluten intolerance or Celiac disease.

But given the higher demand for soy bean based products, many seed growers resort to genetically modified soya. This increases all the more the harm that soy sauce brings.

Soy sauce is nothing more than a condiment, if it is not needed in your food, it is best to avoid it because of the high sodium content among other risks.

The taste of good food is always a delight, just make sure you don't compromise your health. Choose organically grown and traditionally fermented soy sauce. Bon appetit!

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